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Hello I’m Tracie and I have over 12 years experience in private tutoring, I've helped children with a wide range of abilities, from those who need help with boosting their confidence, to those who have special needs or are looking to pass their 11+ Exams. For children who may be lacking in confidence, learning needs to be about guiding them to a positive mind set; creating a "can do" attitude. I take children who are lacking a positive attitude, back a few steps in their learning, to build their confidence up, before we slowly move forward again. Schools tend to teach in a blinkered way using the latest methods and applying them to all children, these constantly change and may not always work for your child; every child is different. I will show your child different methods to see which one works for them, then show them how it relates to the current teaching methods for when they go back to the classroom.
Key Stage 1 is year 1 and 2 at school. Two of the core subjects for all key stages is Numeracy and English. It is extremely important that children have a good understanding of the basics in these subjects to be able to confidently move forward into Key stage 2. As part of the Tuition I will make sure that your child understands the basics and will help them move forward with their understanding.
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  Key Stage 1 Tutoring In Numeracy I will help your child with: Reading / Writing numbers to 100 Addition, Subtraction, Times and Multiplication Time and Money Fractions Comparing and Ordering Numbers Rounding and  Estimating Number Patterns Odd and Even Numbers Place Value Representing and Interpreting Data in Pictograms, Block Graphs and Tables Shapes, lengths, symmetry and angles   Key Stage 2 Tutoring I will work with your child to see what areas they feel they are struggling with and work on those whilst also covering the requirements for key stage 2. In Numeracy I will help your child with: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Negative Numbers Number Patterns Money Time Shapes Data   11+ Exam Tutoring For 11+ tuition, your child will be given an initial assessment to see if they are suitable for this type of tuition. If I feel your child may not be suitable, then I will be unable to offer any tuition, as it is not fair on the child to go through such intense training unless they have a reasonable chance of performing at the required level not to mention the associated costs for you as parents. Grammar schools only take the highest scoring children; no level of tutoring can guarantee your child a place in a Selective school. Your child will need a level of natural understanding to be successfully tutored. If I can offer your child tuition for the 11+, they will cover all three topic areas Numeracy, Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning and will also receive regular homework. Homework will need completing two or three times per week, therefore a full commitment will be needed, not only from your child but from you as parents also.
Private Tutor Solihull Private Tutor Solihull Private Tutor Solihull
Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2 11+ Exam Tutoring Assessment - - £30.00 Half Hour £15.00* £15.00* N/A Per Hour £25.00** £25.00** £30.00
Childcare Learning and Development Level 3 Full DBS checked Child Psychology Diploma Distinction First Aid Certificate Teaching Assistant Level 3 Fully Insured Member of Mensa
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Mr S from Hockley Heath Tracie has helped my child move up from the bottom set to the 2nd set at school and she now has so much more confidence in what she can achieve. Mrs R from Lapworth Tracie had a really good understanding of who my child was, after just one, 1hour lesson! Mrs P from Hockley Heath The work Tracie does with the children is fun, they really enjoy going to her for their tuition. Mrs A from Moseley My daughter was suffering from lack of confidence and as such was struggling to access the curriculum. Through Tracie's calm and patient manner and with her encouragement, she is now enjoying maths and succeeding, she has now moved up several groups. Mrs R from Bentley Heath Tracie has a great way with children and was really able to understand my son’s individual needs. I would highly recommend Tracie for individual tuition. Mrs K from Lapworth We wanted to give our son a head start when he went to school, as he did not know his Alphabet or sounds, Tracie taught him in a fun way and when he started he knew all his sounds and letters and now enjoys reading to us at home. Mrs W from Dorridge In year two my daughter was falling behind in both Maths and English which was affecting her confidence and willingness to even try. Tracie identified straight away that the basics weren't in place, her teachers were trying to build on very rocky foundations. Tracie patiently ! ;) worked with my daughter to put these in place, supporting and positively reinforcing her every week. Would highly recommend her. Ms G from Dickens Heath Thank you for your support Tracie and being a fantastic tutor- the progress my daughter has made is brilliant and I would definitely highly recommend you to others thinking of getting a tutor for their children! Lovely lady too! X Mrs S. from Cheswick Green Just like to say a very BIG THANK YOU , My daughter came home from her new school the other day and said "mom you'd be surprised at how many kids don't know their tables" Tracie you've given my daughter such good training over the past few years and now given her the confidence to carry on with her maths. I must admit when I first asked you to teach her I wanted someone who would keep her attention and make learning fun, you've certainly done that and if I can recommend you to anyone new I will. Thanks again lovely lady x Mrs FW from Dickens Heath My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed coming to see you every Wednesday, for all your chats & also cuddles with Cookie & Crumble but more importantly she has learned lots too. You took your time to teach her in ways that she could learn, whether it was the conventional way or not. She is a rather shy girl & you've helped tremendously with her confidence. Thank you for all your help, we will both miss you very much xxx Mrs J from Solihull Just wanted to say thanks for all your support over the last couple of years. My son  has really enjoyed his time with you and we can see a real change in his confidence. Thank you for your patience too! Look forward to seeing you in September, when you start tutoring our daughter. Mrs W from Monkspath My daughter has been tutored by Tracie for three years an in this time I have seen her confidence grow in all aspects of her work. She was struggling with maths when she first started her sessions but with the support of Tracie, I began to notice her confidence grow and her results at school significantly improving. I am very grateful to Tracie for all the hard work and effort she has put into my daughters development it has really made such a huge difference. I feel that my daughter is now ready to start senior school and has all the skills she needs to start this new chapter. Mrs B from Solihull My daughter Lily-Mae started her Maths tuition with Emily during Key Stage 1 for some extra support.... 2 and a half years on we are now Key Stage 2 and still being tutored by the wonderful Emily! Tracie has offered so much support to us also with tutoring and Maths workshop days. (I myself am studying for a Maths GCSE equivalent qualification and Tracie gives extra support there also.) We cannot recommend Key Stage Tutor highly enough! Lily-Mae’s confidence with Maths has grown so much, Emily is such a patient tutor. Wonderful service! Thank you so much!
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Private Tuition For Children Aged 5 - 11
In English I will help your child with: Spelling Handwriting Phonics Alphabet order Comprehension Plurals Grammar
In English I will help your child with: Letter Writing Persuasive Writing such as leaflets and brochures Spelling and Handwriting Punctuation and Grammar Comprehension Language
* Half Hour Tuition Covers One Core Subject ** One Hour Tuition Can Cover One Or Two Core Subjects
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My tutoring is tailored to the individual needs of your child. Having a diploma in Child Psychology helps me to understand how your child learns and to then adapt the best techniques to suit them. Children are tutored in my home where I have many resources to help with your child’s tuition. I am based in Hockley Heath and have children come from many areas of the Borough such as Knowle, Dorridge, Dickens Heath, Shirley, Lapworth and Solihull. Due to the large demand for tutoring, my daughter, Emily, has also joined Key Stage Tutor. Emily has several years experience  working in a school and has a Level 3 Teaching Assistant Qualification. Emily is currently studying to be a teacher at Worcester  University so is able to offer tutoring on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
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